Megapixel IP Camera A140H

Line of high resolution cameras. Designed specificaly for applications requiring outstanding image quality and detail reproduction.

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ModificationSensorH.264FPSSensitivityPowerDynamic range
A140H14 MPyes50.5Lux4.8Watt65Order
A100H10 MPyes60.4Lux4.8Watt65Order
A10010 MPno60.4Lux4.8Watt65Order


- A100H incorporates a progressive scan CMOS imager with a 1/2-inch optical format and 10.0 million pixels with infrared filter.

- The camera supports the standard H264.

-Maximum resolution is 3840(H) x 2752(V) pixels. The camera’s aspect ratio (horizontal vs. vertical lines) is user configurable by either clipping of scaling.

-In the case of resolution set by clipping the frame rate will grow while field of view will be reduced. Coordinates of the clipped area in the respect to the full frame image can be specified.

-Minimum light requirement to produce a color image shall be approximately 0.50 lux (0.05 fc) with a f1.2 lens and frame rate of 5fps.

-The camera provides automatic white balance, automatic exposure, gain control, saturation control, sharpness control, electronic shutter, backlight compensation, gamma correction.

-Proprietary “owl eye” noise reduction technology allows for improved image quality in the dark conditions. Our cutting edge processing techniques ensures noise reduction without sacrificing image quality

-Build in motion detector has 64 zones available independently on resolution. Zones are configured in 8x8 grid. Matrix of zone activity determines which of the zones are used for motion detection and which are ignored. Frames with motion detected can be marked.

-The Camera provides on-screen, digital, pan/zoom on both live and recorded video.

-User settings can be ether used for a session of permanently stored into flash memory. Factory presets can be restored if needed.

-The Camera possesses build-in watchdog for protection against power failures.

-Ability to remotely update firmware.

-The camera provides integrated support for IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, HTTP, RARP, BOOTP, TFTP, RTSP, RTP, RTCP and multicast protocols.

- Power Consumption: typically 4.0, max. 4.8 watts.

Main Camera Parameters

  • Resolution up to 3840x2752
  • 6 fps frame rate at 10.0 megapixels.
  • Auto exposure (AE).
  • Auto white balance (AWB).
  • 8x8 zone motion detector;
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE);
  • Intelligent power manager.
  • Owl-eyeTM noise reduction, low noise at low-light.
  • Speed-priority or Aperture-priority exposure control modes;
  • Network data transfer speed up to 80Mbit/s.
  • Watch-dog timer.
  • Fast automatic algorithm for camera installation.
  • High sensitivity CMOS image sensor.