When you need a closer look

Megapixel IP Camera

  • Extra low light sensitivity
  • High speed
  • H.264 support
  • Compact
  • Small weight
  • Metal enclosure
  • Resolution up to 10 MP
  • Speed up to 80 Mbit/s
  • Easy installation

Absolutron Megapixel IP Cameras

Main direction of Absolutron LLC business is development and manufacturing of multi-megapixel high-speed internet security cameras intended for use in security systems with high demand to image quality especially in low-light conditions. In Addition our company develops software for megapixel security systems. Cameras made by Absolutron LLC can be classified as high-end security cameras. Such cameras are getting larger and larger acceptance among security professionals due to unprecedented accuracy in reflecting image details.

More about cameras

Our megapixel IP cameras were developed specifically for high-end security systems. They utilize high quality CMOS image sensor and state of the art image processing algorithms providing achieving very high image quality and resolution.

Main Camera Parameters:

  • resolution up to 10 megapixels,
  • very good low-light performance,
  • compact size and small weight (150g),
  • embedded Linux, flexibility in image quality control,
  • designated watchdog timer,
  • and high network data transfer speed (80Mbit/s),
  • H.264 Support.
hdtv surveillance camera with embedded linux
Live Camera

Click here to go and see demonstration our High Definition camera at Live.

Why Absolutron

  • High Low-Light SensitivityHigh Low-Light Sensitivity

    High Low-Light Sensitivity

    Our low-light processing technology “Owl” Eye gives to our our cameras unique low light performance, see is here.

  • Full HDTV supportFull HDTV support

    Full HDTV support

    Our cameras support HDTV 1920x1080 at 30 FPS, as well as highest speed on the market among similar products given improved ability to record real time events.

  • Exceptional Image QualityExceptional Image Quality

    Exceptional Image Quality

    Unique cutting-edge image processing algorithms used in Absolutron cameras preserve every little detail in the image. You can see faces, license plates and other little details you may be interested in, see gallery...

  • H264 SupportH264 Support

    H.264 Support

    Our cameras support H264, the latest standard for video transfer. As a result both network load and requrement for storage space are reduced up to 10 times.